2 Nov 2013

Big names predict the winner - UAL 5

In Your Opinion, who will win & what will be the score in the supermatche between?:

1. Jake Smith  vs  Justin Bishop for the UAL Middle Weight Title, Right Arm... 5 rounds,

2. Jonathan Hoffmann  vs  Michael Todd for the UAL Super Heavy Weight Title, Left Arm... 5 rounds.

AO Asked these Questions Following People:

Neil Pickup: Bishop Vs. Smith is a very interesting match for me & I personally like BOTH these Pullers very much.

I would say that Jake would have to start as the favourite just based on experience over the Multiple Round Pro format BUT Justin has real shot with that super rigid rotator solid back pressure & great wrist.

I think IF Jake is smart on Saturday he has more options available to him & can bleed Justin in the set ups enough to put the Brakes on him by the third Round.

"THE ROCKSTAR" has more side & more Grunt for me & IF the Match stops he will have a significant advantage BUT "THE BAMMA BULL" is ultra dangerous early in my opinion.

I think Justin could easily cause an upset as he is on a wave of confidence right now but I am also aware that he has just had a new Baby & may be less well rested than we know.

In summary I would have to go for Jake 3 - 2 because I believe that he has the guile to turn this Match into a Dirty encounter & take Justin into the trenches during the set ups.

Justin has a leverage & speed advantage & he has yet another opportunity to upset the odds. I will say that IF Justin gets to 3 - 0. I believe he will sweep all 5 ! whilst even if Jake gets the first 3 in the Bag Justin's style will mean that he remains Dangerous to the very last Round.

I wish the best to both Men & hope that both stay safe & pull to their true potential. Hopefully it's a 3-2 SCREAMER !!!"

Bill Cox: "Well I do think Justin has a good chance to win his match and without a doubt Michael Todd will win his, maybe 5-0 or 4-1, Justin & Jake will be close  3-2 with Justin on top."

John Brzenk: "Don't know anything about Jake or Justin. From what I watched in Vegas Justin will be hard to beat.... Michael normally finds a way to win. I know his left isn't great since his injury but I'm not sure Mr. Hoffmann knows how tuff Mike will get in a serious situation. So with that said I'll bet on Mike and Justin ! Know one is that explosive or has great endurance so I think it will go both 5:0."

Chris Chandler: "Nice us good. That Middle Weight Belt with Bishop and Smith is gard. I like them both. Jake's kinda going down in weight I think and always strong. Bishop was just 165 see going up, so should by simple nath be as strong but Id on fire. Id gave ti gi strength hake. Technical aspect Bishop maybe. I think it's all who is on sat. And then the keft gand super heavy match on paper should be a joke, but Ive seen stupider things happen. Michael is a freak and seens ti wab r to kero UAL belts g I r a bit so d I bt see him slipping uo in training.  But Hoffmann is supposedly strong as shit and teaining hard with great pullers so just cause he isn't my pick, don't mean he aint git a strong soot. I joke, the two matches are good. Can't vite on furst one gotta go with Michael on srcond. Wish all luck. Bishop wins closr 3 to 2, Michael wins 5 to 0."

John Wilson: "Endurance will matter."
Bishop over Smith 3-2,   Todd over Hoffman. 4-1.

Bill Collins: "Being the head referee for the ual, i have to keep my comments to a minimum...But Jake and Justin are both coming in strong and hungry, i feel who ever wins the first match will with the belt....As for Michael and Jonathan, Jonathan has everything to gain and nothing to lose, he is starving for respect and wants this win real bad, I feel he is over matched and Michael prides himself on being the best in then worlds and was surprised he took this match. This can be the upset of the year if Jonathan plays smart armwrestling...I feel the likes of Marico, John Brzenk, Christian Bennie and a few others are well deserving arm wrestlers in line for the next title match, whenn it presents itself..."