8 Nov 2013


Interview with Alexey Voevoda by Artur Grigorian:

"Nemiroff World Cup 2013 is the most anticipated event of the year in armwrestling. Do you think it will be appreciated in accordance to the amount of preparation invested in it?
- The World Cup always exceeds expectations. It’s a huge event for the fans and the contestants. It “raised” many stars. I hope this will also be the case this year.

Many think Cyplenkov will win. Do you think Denis is the only favorite? Can anyone beat him?
-Denis is a great fighter, one of the strongest in the world. And “one of” is the key word here. I always cheer not for a contestant, but for the beauty of a fight. Denis always delivers in that aspect. May the best man win.

After your sparing with Matyushenko many began to doubt the possibility of Woyevoda’s return. Some think that you will make a comeback, but not at once, because armwrestling has moved on. There are those who don’t think you will get back to the top, because you can’t get back to top form.
- First of all – that wasn’t a sparing, just a training, after a long break from trainings. It was in the afternoon, my coach Kote called me to ask if I wanted to train with Vanya. I agreed with no interest in winning. Every time I’m in Moscow, I always train with the guys. There were never any misunderstandings over that before. I don’t know who’s been commenting on my form. From 2006, whenever I train armwrestling, it’s always in Moscow or in Sochi for the guests at my gym. But it’s usually 3-7 times a year. Those with enough knowledge to analyze that will understand.

To Ivan and the camera guy, along with their fans: don’t call on me as a partner or as a consultant ever again, you are not capable of appreciating honest support and help, you only see a little but you draw a lot of conclusions. You are on your own now.

Anyone can get back in shape, and even get better. It’s not a month’s work, but 3-5 months should do it. That’s one. Two – I don’t think armwrestling has moved on that much. Knowing the contestants I can see that one strong guy can be replaced by another, but we all concentrate on the same area of strength, that hasn’t changed over the years..."

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