30 Nov 2013


Matthias "Hellboy" Schlitte's comment on facebook: "Finally I found my clip from Stan Lee's Superhumans in English We were filming it in 2011 during the time I was living in LA. And the best: Stan Lee - the master of comics who created spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk and many more legendary characters- mentioned me and was dealing with the small German Hellboy. Enjoy watching! Thanks to Robert Drenk and the UAL for the table."

29 Nov 2013

Championship Manager

"If you want to make the championships 
you have to read this" - Marcin Mielniczuk

Article from Armpower.net

"Championship Management, a computer programme for armwrestling competions organizing, was sent to WAF and EAF countries last year. It was also distributed at the European and World Championships this year.

Championship Management has been offered to a couple dozen people all over the world, but my observations have proved that only a few people can really use it – says Marcin Mielniczuk, IT president of Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotion Sp. z o.o, the creator of the program. - I'am afraid that most people haven’t even launched the application and don’t know how to use it. I get signals from all over the world that the application might be too complex, not for everybody to learn easily.

13 Nov 2013

Bresnan, Binnie & Chaffee about Nemiroff 2013

Americans, Tim Bresnan, Christian Binnie & Dave Chaffee, who took part in this year's Nemiroff World Cup, in heavyweight division have expressed own opinion about the event and their performance.

Engin Terzi's World Ranking statement

Engin Terzi's statement on facebook:

"Dear Armwrestling World,

I do the rankings for many years just to promote our sport by creating an excitement.. I do not expect anything from it,not money nor honour...I even asked Fabio Nimis to do this but he didnt accept it.. I do my best to be as fair as possible to anyone.. There is no single time that it is possible to make everyone happy.. i try to answer the critiques as detailed as possible.. Once again i dont have intention to gain anything back by doing the rankings.. None of you are paying me for the rankings so please criticise in a respectful manner as much as possible to not to discourage me.. I am not expecting to be thanked ,neither to be disrespected.. THANKS"

11 Nov 2013

Wada proposes four years bans for drugs cheats

David Howman, director general of the World Anti-Doping Agency. (Reuters / Christinne Muschi)

Wada wants to double length of bans for drugs cheats

"The World Anti-Doping Agency plans to double the length of bans handed out to athletes found guilty of serious doping offences from two to four years.

Travis Bagent signs contract with KING OF ARMS

Cobra Rhodes has informed on facebook that Travis Bagent signed contract with KING OF ARMS. Above the photo of him and Travis he put the question: "Who is that man signing his KING OF ARMS contract?"

To get more lights what it's KING OF ARMS... read article posted on Los Angeles Times on October 16, 2013, titled: AMC greenlights new unscripted series 'King of Arms'.

"The strange world of competitive arm wrestling is getting the AMC treatment thanks to a new unscripted series called "King of Arms," the network announced Wednesday.

The show is the work of Emmy award-winning producers Matt Renner and Ethan Prochnik ("The Deadliest Catch") and Dan Ilani, a partner in Undertow Films.

Nemiroff World Cup 2013 (Day 2) Semi-Finals & Finals - VIDEO

Nemiroff World Cup 2013 Open cat. right hand - VIDEO

ZLOTY TUR CUP / Nemiroff World Cup 2013 - RESULTS

XI Nemiroff World Cup
Warsaw, Poland – November 9-10th, 2013

8 Nov 2013


"Over 200 contestants from all over the world will start in Nemiroff World Cup. Some of them were present at a press conference in the Warsaw Hilton.

Dave Chaffi, Christian Binie, Andrey Pushkar and Dawid Bartosiewicz attended the press conference in the Warsaw Hilton, a day before the competition.

Today we are celebrating the XIV edition of Zloty Tur, and the XI edition of Nemiroff World Cup – says Igor Mazurenko, organizer. Again we have the pleasure of hosting Andrey Pushkar, but also the stars of American armwrestling: Dave Chaffi, for the first time in Europe, and Christian Binie, who despite his age – 50 years old – still puts in a great show in left hand in USA.

Also in attendance was Dawid Bartosiewicz, this year’s vice champion of the world in 75kg category.


Interview with Alexey Voevoda by Artur Grigorian:

"Nemiroff World Cup 2013 is the most anticipated event of the year in armwrestling. Do you think it will be appreciated in accordance to the amount of preparation invested in it?
- The World Cup always exceeds expectations. It’s a huge event for the fans and the contestants. It “raised” many stars. I hope this will also be the case this year.

Many think Cyplenkov will win. Do you think Denis is the only favorite? Can anyone beat him?
-Denis is a great fighter, one of the strongest in the world. And “one of” is the key word here. I always cheer not for a contestant, but for the beauty of a fight. Denis always delivers in that aspect. May the best man win.

7 Nov 2013

SutorSTRONG. Denis Cyplenkov - Hulk goes on Nemiroff

In interview for Sutor STRONG Denis Cyplenkov says that he have to choose what's more important, paying his mortgage, truck payment etc. or being a good athlete! Curently he has good job, and a lot of work, this is his priority now.

Denis explained why after four years in a row competing at Nemiroff, we didn't see him last year. The reason is money, he gave an exemple of 2010 event, where he won in 4 categories and the prize money even didn't cover his expenses for the preparation, he spent $1000 more then he won in Poland that year.

5 Nov 2013


Armpower.net informed today that this year's Nemiroff World Cup will be broadcasted live on Eurosport 2.

After so many years finally armwretling fans can watch the most important PRO armwrestling turnament in the world on one of the biggest TV channel, the Eurosport (54 countries, in 17 languages).

2 Nov 2013

Bruce Buffer invites on Twitter for UAL 5

Watch "PPV" UAL 5 event HERE...


Watch live the UAL 5 here...
Buy £10

Big names predict the winner - UAL 5

In Your Opinion, who will win & what will be the score in the supermatche between?:

1. Jake Smith  vs  Justin Bishop for the UAL Middle Weight Title, Right Arm... 5 rounds,

2. Jonathan Hoffmann  vs  Michael Todd for the UAL Super Heavy Weight Title, Left Arm... 5 rounds.

AO Asked these Questions Following People:

1 Nov 2013

Bruce Buffer at UAL 5

The UAL founder, Rober Drenk has informed on Northeast Borard, that at the UAL 5 armwrestling fans will see in action the voice of the octagon, Bruce Buffer. He will be announcing at the UAL Main Events on Sat Night on Nov 2nd.