30 Oct 2013


Boom ... more big news: 13 positive results at the WAF Worlds 2013. Some are in shock, while others aren't. Now everyone is an expert and knows how to change it... From 1998 the WAF President was from one of the countries of the WEST and officially everything looked okay (few positive tests), so armwrestling looked to be a clean sport to those outside the sport looking in, however many of those within the sport knew different. Now under a new leader from the one of the countries of the EAST, things don't look as good for the WAF...

In May of this year at EUROARM there were 12 positive tests, and now it has been announced that at this year's WAF Worlds there were 13 positives. Over 20 positive tests and some say this is very bad... I say Thank God: finally the time of "HOLY COWS" is coming to an end...


Quote from Engin Terzi: "People who complain about doping and asks others to do doping test, should do doping test in their country first.. anyone who thinks that only the top 3 who pick card, use doping is either ignorant or has bad intention..."

How many countries have regular doping controls at their Nationals... hmm, not many, Mr. President Assen Hadjitodorov... It's time to force all bodies under WAF to do regular tests at Nationals first, if we don't want to witness the same situation every year. IMO it should be a regulation that every country should test at nationals first. Some federations have more members than others, and tests are expensive, so it's not fair to force everyone do the same number of tests. However, perhaps a solution could be a number of tests based on entries at Nationals, such as 1-20 entries: 1 test, 21-50 entries: 2 tests, 51-100 entries: 5 tests, 101 or more entries: 8 tests. This is only an example, maybe somebody has a better idea. It's time to start doing something about this.

I would like to thank the WAF President and his team for the hard work that they do to accomplish changes in the biggest amateur events in armwrestling. The sport needed this. Mr. Assen please continue the hard work even if there is a need for some sacrifices... WAF is the only body in our sport that can be a part of SportAccord and it needs to be clean as much as possibe.

I hope the international community won't do anything unexpected which can harm our sport... because if they do then IMO they will support all of the athletes who were cheating throughout the years, who I call the "HOLY COWS".