22 Oct 2013

Drenk vs Nelson - message story

Kelli Nelson, a sister of Tom Nelson has posted on Northeast Message Board a PM which was sent by Rober Drenk to Tom Nelson.

So why Tom can not do this himself, why other members of the forum publish his messages ?... because Tom Nelson was removed from the forum for offensive, rude and full of curses comments to others members of the forum.


1st. KELLI NELSON'S COMMENT, a message from R. Drenk to T. Nelson:

"Your problem is you will never be a champion and ur pissed off about it. You may make a fool out of yourself on a reality show but you will NEVER be a top armwrestler as far as the World will see   UAL will be the only recognized professional league and you will not be a part of it so sit back and become a jersey shore star like "the situation" you pathetic little bitch! I've given you shots at Travis after you begged me to make it happen and he kicked ur ass like a little girl. Hahahahahaha go friendly urself Tom. I've tried being nice to you but ur acting like a baby so I'll treat u like one. Go cry to ur momma u flowerbed maybe she will hold you and make feel better."


"Hey Kelli - why dont we post the whole chain huh!!!!!

You and your poster child Tom Nelson need to get a life. Tom starts blowing my phone up trying to be buddy buddy after the last time he did the same crap in which I had to block him then he begged my partner to let him pull in the UAL event so I let it go. This time its way past letting crap go. Now he starts asking if Travis signed with the UAL and I didnt answer his question so he start mass texting me crap again...

1. you lied I didnt get to drive your ferrari   (big baby)

2. You said winners from UAL II got Super Matches at UAL III (give me a break - format changes)
3. You said you didnt have time to get my jersey with my name on it yet Harold and McGraws got theres... (dude really)
4. You said the King of the Hill was going to be filmed for Fox Sports (It was but things didnt work out the way we planned - thats life)

Is this for real? Have I not put forth effort and came through on enough to prove i'm a good promoter? Have some things not gone to plan, YES but most of everything I've said has and will. Am I perfect no but calling me a liar is ridicules.

Lets post the whole text chain so everyone can see what a fool Tom really is and how rude he was to me until he pushed me to my limits with 1000's of texts until I'm forced to block him.

THE NELSON family is NOT welcome at ANY UAL events. PERIOD"


"Drenk just messaged me that he is banning my family and entire team because I posted his text LMFAO!!!


Robert- Heck I'll post the entire message. The only part that people needed to see was how you feel about pushing out the other organizations. Nobody cares that Tom was rude to you or texted you a zillion times about things you promised to him and never delivered. As far as being banned, the UAL doesn't even offer my class because it only cares about chicks that look good in bikinis. I gave up on your league a long time ago."


"There are some things that need to be taken care of behind closed doors. This is a perfect example. By posting this text message, not only makes Kelly look bad, but says something about you. Trying to exploit somebody is not the way to go about it. Perfect example! Jose conseco. Is now looked down upon the entire MLB. And millions of people. Even if he brought something out that was wrong. It simply doesn't help your own statue."


"This is pretty gay. How does that show Roberts "true colors" other than showing patience and then being human and getting fed up with $hit. Drenks true colors are throwing a tournament with less than three days notice in another state knowing he is going to lose money but wanted to help the pullers that were getting Butt Fu cked by Marvin. I told Robert not to put the tournament on and it wasn't his problem but he felt bad for the pullers. Robert is nothing less than a stand up guy. Haters feel free to respond"


"What Tony said...I know Robert better then any armwrestlers on this earth, I know his integrity and I know his personality, do i agree with everything he does, hell no, but we're men enough to find solutions. I do know his 1st approach is proactive and the 2nd is reactive..(proactive<>reactive)!

With this in mind Robert keeps saying I,I,I it's us, us, us (me and him), who changed the format, name on Jerseys (toms) dropped off the radar, and the guy I hired for the Tahoe filming done such a crapty job (lighting/quality/sounds) we could allow it to go public..

Even if you don't agree with how things panned out...never close the door behind you.."


"Josh - Not your fault. I know how it feels to get "Text Bombed" by Tom.

As everyone can see Tom plays the BLOW up your cell phone with 100,000 text messages and NO I'm not kidding really 100,000 of them all in a row. He's done it to a few people I wont mention but thats his style.

It is obvious that the Nelson clan is trying to defame my character, but anyone that knows me knows they are flat out wrong. Tom has issues with me because who knows why, maybe its because he signed with Undertow maybe its because he feels like I haven't been fair to him? Bottom line is I owe Tom nothing, yes I "gave" him a jersey (free) and no I didn't have time to get his name on the back, but because I told him I would try and didn't get it done I'm a liar? At another event I told him he could roll up in my Ferrari like Devon got to because he asked if he could and unfortunately time didn't end up permitting so I lied again? At UAL 2 we were trying out formats and told all the winners that they would qualify for a super match at UAL 3 which didn't happen and Tom was one of them so I guess I lied again.... How about when Tom asked if I would put up money for him and Travis because he would KILL him, he asked me a HUNDRED times until I said yes, then I made that happen but hey I'm still this bad liar....

Anyways you get the point! Today at 7:47 am I get a text

"U really gonna be an A$$ and not tell me if Travis is in UAL?"

I respond: Its not my information to give, its his decision not mine. Besides aren't you signed with Undertow?

Tom: "Game on then A$$hole.... good luck lying about your admitting to allowing steroid signed athletes in the UAL... If you tested BRZENK he would be 190lbs, Todd ZIT 176lbs, Chandler 165lbs, Michael Todd 198lbs good luck marketing them when they dont look the same after you test them!!! LMFAO you will not like when I'm on TV running my mouth about you and your lying steroid experienced pullers... I told you not to Fing F with me, now you lie lie lie lie lie, you lied to me... now why btw am i getting texts from your UAL guys upset they believed your lies... good luck liar you f'd with the wrong man you Fing liar"

My response: Really Tom all this again?

Tom: "How am I not signed? I got money in checks already in my account.... you sent me nothing but lies... all again bro you lied"

My response: I've let this go before Tom but your going to dig a hole again... I didn't lie about anything not to mention undertow doesnt pay u guys, flights yeah but payment no! nice try"

Tom: "Lie on so many things you cant remember"

My response: whatever Tom

Tom: "LOL, I got paid"

My response: "Ok well I'm happy for you"

Tom: King of the hill is going to be on Fox Sports 5/1/11 (Liar), UAL 2 winners get Super Match for UAL 3 Liar, didnt have time to make my jersey but had time for Harold and Mcgraws Liar, you can drive up in a badass car for the super match against Don, liar. UAL is forever known as "The Tim Lewis vs Stop Sign match" A JOKE.

my response: Have a good day Tom, I hope u become a major reality star.

Bottom line it kept going until I just had enough of his cry baby crap. for a BIG time athlete he sure acts like a child. So I finally BLOCKED him for the 2nd and final time. My whole point with Tom was simple, and I'll say it to anyone! We are taking the lead role in "Professional" Armwrestling events, we are and will support local affiliates with our Full time staff to help improve the sport overall. We have came up with a solid Affiliate program that will help make everyone look the part, we will utilize the cash investment the UAL has made to grow all of us, pushing new comers to local events and a revenue stream to keep them taking place. Bill, myself and the entire UAL staff feel real bad about airing out this dirty laundry but I felt it was needed to inform everyone the truth. How could a fellow puller talk so much trash on everyone else? how could he make such false statements? Is he just jealous? Thats my only thought!

By the Way Tom - all of the UAL Athletes have agreed to be tested so once again there goes your theory. maybe you should practice more so you dont have to make excuses for your losses....

I will remove these comments in 24 hours and or ask this thread to be removed."


Robert, in one of the interview you said that the UAL will be built in this same way how UFC... so be also like Dana...  who deals the cards in this game ? you do..  and others can only be a part of this game as a winners or losers. It seems that some people are the losers before the game started.

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