28 Oct 2013

Devon Larratt: "... I am for performance enhancer testing in our sport."

photo: PAL

Another Devon Larratt's opinion about the drugs problem in armwrestling, posted on facebook:

"I have shared my opinion on this matter many times, but I continue to get asked, so let me publicly clarify. I am for performance enhancer testing in our sport. I believe that the premise that it rests on is that these drugs without question give you an advantage in the sport, however the medical community believes there are negative health effects associated with them. In sport (which is not war) you can not expect people to sacrifice their health in its name. It is an unfair advantage. It is not a part of sports. I am not for prohibition of anything, but when users and non users mix, the effects do cross the borders of who is using and who is not. To think that anything can stop drug use in sports is crazy, I realize, but the direction can absolutely be altered. People talk about tested leagues etc.. There are many many issues in testing from effectiveness to financial. Perhaps a more realistic approach is to only test the very top position. If a league had a system where they were to only fully test the #1 spots, and any challenger to that spot, I believe this would have the best trickle down effect. People would shape themselves to know that if they would ever want to be on top it would have to be done clean. I am willing to do random testing anytime. If there was a league that truly embraced this concept, my decisions would be much easier."

info: VISNIA