19 Oct 2013

ARM WARS "DEFIANCE" on Eurosport 2

Message from Neil Pickup:

"On the weekend of Friday 12th & Monday 15th of April 2013, a truly unforgettable collection of Professional Armwrestling Supermatches took place at The FIBO Power Expo in Cologne, Germany. This MAGNIFICENT Event in terms of its sheer Match quality & the efforts of the athletes who competed within it, was as good as any Armwrestling Event in the History of the Sport, that Event was ARM WARS "DEFIANCE" !!! From this coming Thursday on Eurosport 2 International this TRULY EPIC Series of Matches will begin to Air & will continue every Thursday evening for the next 14 Weeks. ARM WARS "DEFIANCE" was & should always be considered a Classic. DON'T MISS IT !!! "

info: VISNIA