22 Sep 2013

WoA takes a break

Message from Charlie Minell:

"Hello Dear Armwrestlers
As you have noticed this website has not been of the quality that armwrestlers and the sport deserve. I have not had the motivation, time or energy that is needed to run a high quality armwrestling website, so for the good of the sport instead of shutting the site down it will be stripped into a clean link- and banner page to ensure that people that find their way to WoA through search engines and other links still can find the information they are looking for.

All the links and banners will shortly be reviewed and updated if necessary, and new links and banners will be added.

Engin Terzi's World Ranking has now been moved to Cristian Angelache's great website XSportNews.com, so from now on there's were you will be able to follow Engin's work.

I am extremely honored and happy to have had Engin's ranking on WoA during these years and I want to say a big THANK YOU to Engin for this!

A big thank you also goes out to all of you who have supported WoA through the years in all kinds of ways! You've been fantastic!

In the future WoA might make a comeback to it's former level and hopefully beyond, but in the meantime I wish you the best of luck with the sport that we all love.

Best regards
Charlie "

info: VISNIA