19 Sep 2013

UAL signs the contracts with another athletes

Yesterday UAL annonced that, one of the greatest armwrestler of all time, legendary Ron Bath is another who signed a contract with them. In the UAL plans is to contract more then 200 athletes, whose stories will apear in TV and they also will be fight for the money.

AO asked Bill Collins for more details about the athlet's contracts, what kind agreements the leauge offers them... "The contracts are confidential and I can't speak of them" - said Collins.

In one of the interview on Armwrestling Nation Redio, Robert Drenk said that every athlete signs different contract. He gave an example of Mac Telle and John Brzenk, saying that pullers who present the level similar to Mac won't be fight for the same money like John or Michael Todd. He mentioned the match price of 10 000 $ for the top level pullers. 

Who else will be a new contracted puller in UAL... doubtless soon a new name will be annoced... List of contracted pullers you will find in the section "PULLERS" at www.TheUAL.com.

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info: VISNIA