9 Sep 2013

Engin Terzi about WAF Worlds 2013

The 35th World Armwrestling Championships are over and it's time to summarize the event. Let's start from the living legend of this sport, Engin Terzi who competed in Poland last weekend and after the event as one of the first expressed his opinion about it on facebook:

"WAF organisation was very good but there were some problems.. for example camera reffing is not a good idea for the worlds.. elbow pads were the hardest ever I have seen.. your elbow skin can cause you to do tiny jumps.. other than this IMO ref's grip movement should NOT be a foul but a warning.. there was a great live broadcasting but because of the nature of our sport most of the finals were quick matches, or foul endings at ref's grip.. and once we had a GREAT MATCH (Ferit vs Trubin) then there was a hard work to find a tiny elbow move to end the match.. this was by far least exciting final matches broadcasting.. I am not criticising anyone.. all I am saying is that please for the GOD's sake make these elbow pads softer.. make moving on ref's grip a warning, not a foul.. we are harming the efforts of the athletes, we are destroying the public attention.. we all see that things need to change but we all sit and do nothing about it.. no need to argue with eachother..l ets spend our energy to change the things for the better of the sport.. please lets not wait for the next congress..this way athletes will not suffer anymore..

we need to make elbows pads in a way that athletes will not be scared to receive easy fouls while armwrestling like a warrior.. once you get a 1 milimeter elbow foul then you are afraid to even armwrestle freely because you dont wanna get the 2. foul.. I am not saying that we should allow elbow fouls, all I am saying that lets minimize this by helping the athletes.. it's armwrestling and all should be in the favour of the armwrestlers and armwrestling... athlete may move on refs grip.. just warn him.. don't foul him unless he twice makes the same mistake.. once you foul him for moving a little then he is afraid to pull by fearing to receive second foul during the pull.. I  feel like athletes are prisoneers and the rules are the correction officers.."

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