7 Aug 2013

What will be on PPV from Vegas ?

In the thread on North East Message Board, Josh Handeland asked a question: "What exactly will be on PPV - The supermatch, supermatch and tournament finals, or the whole tournament and supermatch? If anybody knows."

Tony Kitowski answered him: "It will be aired on pay per view August 24th 8 pm - 11pm. Cost will be 19.95 or 29.95 for HD. Available networks include dish, direct tv, cable and more. You can order by contacting joehandpromotions at 1800 557 4263 or through your remote."

I sent this question and answer to the event organizer, Marvin Cohen asking him to confirm Tony words (an answer for Josh question on north east message board).

Marvin answer: "SUPERMATCH, FINALS & PRELIM HIGHLIGHTS. 8-11 East Coast Time."

Watch PPV event on: JoeHandPromotions.com

info: VISNIA