21 Aug 2013


Here's an idea for armwrestlers and promoters alike: All future events where piles of money are supposedly dropping from the sky should should show the promised payout in an escrow account, along with a single line contract that all cash is to be paid regardless of any and all circumstances.

The common theme for these too-good-to-be-true events is "it's our job as armwrestlers to support these events... it's up to US to make this happen... the sport will never blow up unless we support it"It's B.S. folks. Nobody throws out a bunch of money unless they fully expect to recoup that as a bare minimum.

It's a business, not charity.   

I'm guessing, and it's just a GUESS... that the pay-per-view numbers didn't make the payout amount and then there was no money to cover the event.   

I'm so tired of promotors expecting people to drop a thousand bucks to attend an event as if it's our damned duty to support their business venture.   No.   It's YOUR business venture, and if you want to make it happen then there is risk involved. Make a good product and people will support it.

Margie Ciaccio nailed it in her response to the thread "Vegas Event Investor Issues" when she said "The ones that lost out on their investment were the armwrestlers. A few well-known armwrestlers promoted this tournament as well, and this doesn't exactly shed a good light on them either.I cannot believe the time, training, money and heart that so many armwrestlers had poured into attending this event just to have it all taken away from them 3 days before the tournament." 

Margie is correct. It is the pullers, and the PULLERS ALONE, who are left holding the bag. Notice that the sponsor hauled ass BEFORE he took it in the shorts.


Author: John Wilson
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