30 Aug 2013

Virgil Arciero


Name:  Virgil Arciero
D.O.B: 1938
Residence:  , CA
Country:  USA
Fight Style: Various
Biceps:  ...
Forearm:  ...
Height: 196 cm / 6'5
Weight:  111,5kg / 245lbs
Nickname:  …
Club:  …

Started armwrestling: May 1974 at the WWC National Championships in Las Vegas.

Toughest opponent: Cleve Dean

Toughest match: Toughest matches were probably the ones he had with Cleve Dean and Ed Arnold at the AWI Super Heavyweight World Championship in Las Vegas in January 1982. (Ed is the puller John Brzenk faced in the final of the Over the Top World Championship to win the truck.) He pulled Cleve once and Ed twice. He won all three matches but each of them were 1 to 2 minutes long, and they "took 100,000 miles off my arm".

Best training advice: Virigl trained very scientifically and knew exactly which weights he wanted to be able to lift in various exercises before an event. One of his favourite exercises was the table curl, where he worked up to a set of 14 reps with 175 lbs.

Though he didn't do it, looking back he feels he should have worked with weights only once a week and done more stretching before and after workouts to avoid tendon-shortening caused by specific armwrestling movements.

Goal: ...


Virgil Arciero was recognized by many as the #1 ranked right-handed puller during different times in the late '70s and early '80s.


(Win - Loss - Draw)
Left Hand ( 0-0-0),  Right Hand (1-1-0)

                                     Result  /  Opponent  /  Hand  /  Score  /  Event  /  Date                                  

   WIN      Cleve Dean / Right / 2:1 / Chicago / November 1980
  LOSS      Cleve Dean / Right / 0:2 /  Boxing event - Silver Slipper Cassino / 15.11.1978


AAA Stand-Up National Title:
1981 – R245 lbs

AWI World Titles:
January 1978 – Pro Heavyweight
June 1978 – Pro Heavyweight
May 1980 – Pro Heavyweight
December 1980 – Pro Heavyweight
August 1981 – Pro Heavyweight
January 1982 – Pro Heavyweight
August 1982 – Pro Heavyweight

NAWA National Titles:
1977 – Heavyweight

NAWA World Titles:
1978 – Heavyweight

Sands International Wrist Wrestling Titles:
1980 - Heavyweight
1981 - Heavyweight
1982 - Heavyweight

World Wristwrestling Championship (Petaluma) Title:
1976 – R Heavyweight

WPAA World Title:
R Heavyweight - 1976

R - Right Hand


Virgil Arciero vs John Woolsey
Virgil Arciero, Clay Rosencrans, Johnny Walker and John Woolsey
April 2005 At - the Plaza  in Las Vegas
Virgil Arciero vand Ron Bennett
Virgil Arciero v- Yukon Jack 1994
Virgil Arciero vs Cleve Dean - Yukon Jack 1994
Virgil Arciero as a referee - AWI 1987
 Virgil table curling 180 lbs - 1986
Virgil Arciero vs Ed Arnold - AWI 1982
Virgil Arciero vs Cleve Dean - Supermatch in Chicago 1980

Virgil Arciero vs John Woolsey - AWI 1978
Virgil being congratulated on his 1976 WPAA World Title by Ernie Jeffrey
Virgil celebrating after the championship match of the 1976 WPAA World

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