29 Aug 2013

UAL signs the contracts with Athletes

"Just signed 8 new Athletes today! Congrats to those special Pullers... You know who you are!"... this information been posted today on UAL twitter.

Armwrestlers ONLY asked the UAL founder, Robert Drenk for more details to this information.

Hi Robert !
 - Hi !

Any chance to find out their names ?
- I can not say yet sorry... not much I can give until Saturday.

I think this is very important information for armwrestling.... pullers sign the contracts with the league.... after so many years finaly we see it in this sport.
- I agree! That's why I'm keeping those cards close to my chest.

Ok. do not mention the names, just give a bit more info about the plans for future?
- The UAL is headed into a minimum of 12 events a year without the TV Series, with the Series it could be many more! We are signing athletes no different than the NFL or UFC has...

Great news.. so we are waiting till saturday. Thanks for your time Robert.
- Thanks

interviewed by VISNIA