25 Aug 2013


Brzenk vs Barboza

John Brzenk and Marcio Barboza pulled a BEST OF 3 supermatch, both right and left handed.   

Right Hand:  Marcio put up a very good fight, but in this event we saw the return of John Brzenk’s right arm to top form.   In the second match Marcio attacked with a high, fast hit which looked like a flash pin but he was called on an elbow foul.   On the reset John Brzenk contained Marcio and won.  
John wins 2-0

Left Hand:  Marcio is known for his Left and he certainly brought it with him tonight.   Marcio’s incredible arm was too much for John in the first match.   In the second match John worked very hard to gain leverage advantage, but could not get control over Marcio with his hand alone.  Marcio wins 2-0.

Highlight of the Night

In an unexpected match, Devon Larratt agreed to pull Oleg Zhokh in a Left Hand Supermatch for $5,000 dollars!   Oleg had already won three classes tonight and earned the respect and admiration of everyone watching the event.  

Devon Larratt won the Heavyweights, beating Eric Woelfel in a fairly long match.   As Devon was celebrating his win, Robert Drenk grabbed the microphone and proposed that Devon pull the young Oleg, who by this time had become the clear crowd favorite.   This challenge from Robert Drenk was a fantastic surprise and the crowd went wild.   People all over the world watching this on the UAL Live Stream went just as crazy, lighting up the site with messages that this needs to happen.

Surprisingly, Devon hesitated to accept this match- sending the crowd into loud calls and cheers for him to accept.   A shocked and very excited young Mr. Zhokh could not help but to smile from ear to ear in anticipation of Devon’s answer.

Devon, feeling the pressure, asked Robert Drenk to go to the back of the stage and talk this over with him.  Luckily, cameras followed them and all those watching the UAL Live Stream got to see what became a negotiation.   UAL agreed to a $5,000 dollar purse for the supermatch, best of five format.

The matches:

The first match showed everybody that Devon was correct to think twice about this match.   While Oleg is only 20 years old and weighs 165lbs (75kg), only the best heavyweights in the world can compete with his left hand.   Oleg hit Devon very hard and fast and took the World’s Number 1 Armwrestler to a pin, but the referees called Oleg on an elbow foul.  The crowd at the MGM Grand went crazy!  The fans across the world watching UAL Live Stream went crazy as well.   The noise from the crowd was lifting the roof from the venue.  There was disagreement among the referees, who pulled one another to the side to discuss the disagreement.   The referees announced that they could not agree, and in all fairness to the pullers this match would be pulled again with no score given.   The first match, which many will forever regard as a win for Oleg over Devon, was scrubbed and would not count in this supermatch.   Under the circumstances, this was a very good call from the referees.  

Every match went to the strap.  Oleg would take Devon to near pins several more times and in every match Oleg appeared to have hand control.  Devon made fantastic use of the strap to gain leverage on the much smaller Zhokh, further proof of the incredible strength and abilities of Oleg Zhokh.   Devon’s world-famous endurance was on display and each match was a war that slowly but surely wore down his opponent.  

Devon won the supermatch but it was Oleg Zhokh who won the night.

Author: John Wilson

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