21 Aug 2013

UAL event instead the Bar event ?

Proposal of UAL founder, Robert Drenk:

"Who would show up to Vegas if we were to put an event on aug 24th at MGM Grand, keep in mind it will be a last minute deal for UAL so not sure how pretty it will be... Prize money would be minor but for those of you that spent your hard earned money would have an event to pull at! Feedback quickly please"

Many pullers bougth tickets already, just had a chat with Marcin Mielniczuk and he said thet Igor Mazurenko and Andrey Pushkar are from 6h in the plain to Vegas, Marcio Barboza told me that Brazilian Team (Carlos 75kg, Bortolato 130 kg, Luis 75 kg, Ricardo 110 kg, Andrew 85 kg, Christiane 60 kg) also go to Vegas. Cvetan Gashevski is on the way, Janis Amolinsn and Žanna Čingule are in the way to Vegas too, Erika Andersson Niklas Nannestad, Glenn Bengtsson will be there, Allen Ford and Devon Larratt, plus many pullers from the U.S.

Robert if the World Bar Champ.s will be cancelled, then certainly most of those who bought tickets and booked hotels in Vegas will be interested to take part in your event.

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