20 Aug 2013

UAL, an e-mail story

Jonathon Hoffmann has posted on NorthEastBoard.com an e-mail story proving how serious plans has the UAL and what is the direction of the league from California.

"Being that I worked at Robert Drenk's mortgage company for about 4 years (and have since started gone my own way about 9 months ago) i still have stayed in contact with a few close friends over there.. One of them forwarded an email to me in great concern and wanted me to confirm if it was true or not (since I too keep in contact with Robert and am the only AW in the office) So I have included the email below so that everyone can see the legitimacy in the UAL and that all great things take time! Building an empire (or in this case a legitimate company) is a slow but rewarding process: 
From: Cole David
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 1:23 PM
To: Jonathan Hoffmann
Subject: WTF is he for real?

Dude, is this serious? Is this whole arm wrestling thing really gotten this big or is this just BS??? You would know better than me since you go to all of his stuff… I just had no idea it was getting big enough to quit this company.. let me know champ!

p.s. tell the wife and little one Cole says "Hi"

Cole David
Sr. Loan Officer
Optimum First

> -----Original Message------------------------------------------------
> From: Robert Drenk 
> Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2013 3:43 PM
> To: Company
> Subject: Thanks
> Team,
> Thanks for all of your support and hard work at Optimum! I will still be around but no longer focusing on the Mortgage Business, I'm shifting 100% of my attention on my dream which is to make Armwrestling a national recognized Sport. Ever since I was a young child I've loved to Armwrestle, my passion has always been sports and things that are challenging so its time I follow my dream and make it happen! We are launching a TV sports series on CMT which will air in Jan 2014, this will take up all my time as well as building the business so we can grow the Sport as its introduced to the World. I have opened a Corp headquarters in HB at 15641 Chemical Ln Ste D HB CA 92649 feel free to stop by anytime and say hi! Everyone over the last 4 years has seen this whole thing come to life so in some way you're part of the UAL! 
> Please work hard and stay focused on Loans, Matt is a great leader and his passion is the Mortgage Business so you're in great hands! Thanks for the great years I've had working side by side with everyone. I'm sure I'll see everyone from time to time.
> Robert Drenk

Bill Collins's comment on NAMB:
"UAL has been work in progress for the last 3+ years, many meetings, many objectives and many countless hours have been spent, bring it to this level...Robert walked for the mortgage company to work UAL full time and when the time is right i'll be doing the same...I been in this sport for 30 years and unless your setting in these meeting with these high dollar attorneys, you have no idea whats coming to the armwrestling world...Robert is a very smart business man and is great for the sport...UAL is going legitimize armwrestling!"

Robert Drenk's comment on NAMB:
"I just read this, it was kind of an internal email... Anyways yes as you can tell were moving full steam ahead! This isn't just me making this a full time deal, we now have 4 full time 8+ hours a day UAL employees! We are still hiring and looking to grow the UAL. We will be working on a full schedule of events for 2014. We're talking an event a month in a different part of the US! For those of you that want to be a professional Athlete "someone whom makes a LIVING from their Sport" I would recommend leaving your schedules semi open if possible and train hard now! The talk is over and action time is now! We're kicking the TV series off very shortly and those of you that are coming to the grand opening will hear the details and may have the opportunity to be a part of it. We're looking for those of you that WANT to be a part of it, were not going to chase people down so either choose to Run UAL or not or maybe sit back and wait, watch your buddies on TV while your chilling at home on a Friday night and remember when you chose not to make the casting call   there's always season 2, maybe you make that cut? For those of you coming and choosing to be a part of this you won't regret it! Everyone has seen what we can do on a "Part Time" basis, this is a different ball game now! Get ready to be "Pulled In"....

I bleed UAL, do you?"

Seems like the armwrestling UFC is coming !

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