29 Aug 2013


Michale Todd has new Visalus VIP website... where everyone can join in the 90-DAY CHALLENGE.

Info from the website:  "With competing in the sport of Armwrestling for the past 23 years, I've always maintained a lean & healthy physique! After my left arm basically blew apart in a World Championship match in London, I had surgery to have my elbow put back together. Then due to the pain medication my metabolism started to slow - felt that I was going to just be a more stocky built guy. After all of this, I weighed in close to 290 lbs! I was introduced to the challenge in August of 2011 & I lost over 30 lbs of bodyfat & packed on 10 lbs of muscle on my first 90-day challenge! Two amazing things happened! Firstly, for the first time in my career I lost weight, but actually increased my strength! Secondly, I have maintained this new physique for 2 years without having to be as strict with my nutrition! As long as I drink my 2 Vi shakes a day my nutritional needs are being met & I don't have to be so particular about the other foods that I eat! Visalus is by far the best decision I have ever made for fueling my body as a professional athlete!! Come join me in the challenge!"

If you are intrested to join in the 90-DAY CHALLENGE with The MONSTER... click on the link below:

info: VISNIA