29 Aug 2013

Marcio Barboza about UAL 4

A few days after the UAL 4, which was held in MGM GRAND in Las Vegas, NV, Armwrestlers ONLY has conducted an interview with one of the main actors of the evening, The Phenomenon Marcio Barboza.

Hi Marcio !
- Hi Tomasz !

What can you tell about the last UAL event in Vegas ?
- I would like to congratulate Robert Drenk, Bill and all the UAL staff for putting up such a great event in just a few days... I decided to show up and support because of their determination in honoring all the athletes that was going to be there.

Ok... and what about your supermatches with John ?
- My match with John was mega.... I had exactly 2 months to get as strong as I could be, so the result was ok, since I know John was in a great shape. I haven't see John that good in a long time.

In terms of strength we were equal, John had better angle in the hook match than I did that's all. And of course better endurance, and more patience to do he's move at the right time.

Left I was just superior....

Oleg's Zhokh, after his performance in the torurnament classes and unexpected supermatch with Devon, is he the new rising Star of the middleweight division in armwrestling ?
- Oleg is incredible. I think under 90kg no one can take him. However in a few years he will even better. He's hand is hard to deal with...

On left with John you looked incredible, with your current shape, would you be able to beat Oleg in best of 3 supermatch ?
- I think I would have a good chance, however the answer is on the table. Maybe 50 to 50 p cent.

And now message for fans... is Barboza back ?
- Yes.

Thank you for your time.
- Thanks my friend.

Interview by Tomasz Wisniowski / VISNIA