4 Aug 2013

main news of the world ARM # 32 IRON RATING

Five novelty in armwrestling by Iron Rating.

At the fifth place is a tournament A1, which pretending to the event with the highest prize money in the armwrestling world, also the Iron Rating emphasizes Denis Cyplenkov's undisputed victory at this year's A1 Russian Open.

At the fourt place is WAF Worlds. Igor Mazurenko says that at the this year's event in Poland, about 1000 - 1100 competitors planing to take part in, from over 50 coustrIies.

Nemiroff World Cup 2013 was placed as a 3rd news. It seems like at present Nemiroff is a only tournament in Europe where the top European armwrestlers have possibility compete with top American armwrestlers. Igor Mazurenko says that now if you want to have them (Americans) on the event, you need to ask them to come and pay them, becuse to Europe nobody comes for free now. At present Nemiroff's event has confirmed 6-7 names from America who comes 100% this year.

World Bar Armwrestling Championships which take place in Las Vegas, USA on August 24th was palced on the 2nd place. Many athletes is planing to take part in the event organized by Marvin Cohen, one of them is Andrey Pushkar.

First place is for the Results of the EuroARM 2013 doping control. Cvetan Gashevski says that these results will change the Armwrestling World. For Arsen Liliev these 2 years break won't be so dificult becouse he is still young, but for Babayev it can be hard to come back on the top. Iron Rating said: it's seems like the sport of armwrestling will divide for two kind of events, one for amateurs with the events like EuroARM and WAF Worlds and for the PRO pullers like A1, Nemiroff and top American events

info: VISNIA