22 Aug 2013

John Brzenk - Interview on Spain Armwrestler

How much time do you spend training and how did you get to know this sport and be interested in it?
- I spend about one to two days a week practicing on a regulation table with other good armwrestlers that live in the Utah area.
My father introduced me to the sport at the early age of thirteen. Even though I armwrestled like any other young boy at that age, it was my father who got me into the professional side of the sport.

What armwrestler do you admire most and why?
- I admire the wrestler who sticks with it. Week in, and week out. while still getting beat by most of their competitors. It’s really easy to stick with something if you have a talent for it, but it’s a real love and passion  when everything comes a little bit harder.

What are your expectations in this sport?
- I continue to enjoy the people I meet because of this sport. That and practicing week in and out with local friends is the best part of any sport. It’s the common goals and working together at times to reach these goals that makes sport so worthwhile.

What other sports do you practice?
- No other sport at this time …

What advice would you give to the young boys and girls who start with this sport?
- To start slow …Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time. Enjoy the training and learning. This is the best part, and getting better will come with time and dedication.

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