23 Aug 2013

John Brzenk about UAL IV in Las Vegas.

Quick interview with John Brzenk before UAL IV in Las Vegas.

Hi John ! You fight in Vegas this weeked, maybe a few words about your upcoming match?
- Yea that was quick ... Robert moves fast.
Disappointed in the fall out ... But I'm ready to pull this weekend ! So was happy to do a super match with someone ... Glad Marcio said yes . Tried to get Devon and then Mike ... But a 250 plus marcio should be a large enough challenge for me ! I owe him lefty anyway !

Are you going to pull supermatch only or turnament also ?
- I'm still going to pull 220 and under class, both arms .. So hopefully I'll survive that without getting to banged up !

How is your arm now ?

- It's still giving me problems but it is slowly improving ... Just crazy slow like starting from scratch
Arm is great ... Shoulder is still a problem ... My right is finally better than my left at least !

Do you want say something about this mess with World Bar event ?
- Know nothing ... Don't have much to say except I was skeptical from the start so it isn't a huge let down !

Ok. not stop more, thank you for your time and as always ... GOOD LUCK.
- Thanks.

info: VISNIA