7 Aug 2013

Jodi Wood Larratt: "...camp Denis never thought Devon would say yes at such short notice so they could throw back that Devon was chickening out..."

Message from Jodi Wood Larratt regarding DEVON vs DENIS SUPERMATCH: "Please allow me to shed some light on this subject. Devon said and POSTED FOR ALL TO SEE that he would, even given the weeks notice, go to Russia to pull Denis, asking ONLY that if this was a legit offer that whom ever the promoter was, that he get in touch to arrange details for flight etc...to which the response was NOTHING!! As in, camp Denis did NOT respond...as in, it was a BS offer to begin with...as in, camp Denis never thought Devon would say yes at such short notice so they could throw back that Devon was chickening out. If anything else has been written otherwise, it is complete BS. 

Devon has continued to try to get a match with Denis (and MANY other opponents) for years, to no avail...either the money is never enough for Denis, or Denis isn't given enough time to prepare, etc, etc,...Devon has been asking for an opponent...ANY opponent for SUCH a long time...look at vegas aug 24 for example...anyone at all accepting the multitude of offers that have been proposed?? He has pulled both tested and non-tested matches his entire career...he's gone against the giants repeatedly and they have crumbled at his feet. When Devon was coming up, he sought the best opponents...those better than himself to try to challenge and improve himself. He was never so afraid of losing against anyone that he ducked any match. This is one of the many traits that have made him great. I recognize the ego in this sport, but think people need to check their ego's a bit more, stop talking fluff and diverting and actually STEP UP and arm wrestle the best. It is the very BEST way to become a better arm wrestler!!! 

I am so offended and enraged to continuously hear Devon being insulted on these pages other forums...called a \\\\'pussy\\\\' for wanting to challenge people to tested matches, etc...my husband has given generously of himself to improve this sport that you all claim to love so much. He hosts aw's from around the world in our home, takes the time to train (i said train, not just smash) ANYONE who wants to learn/improve and will tell the world exactly what they need to do to beat him...as well, he gives his time, OUR time to making training videos that he gives for FREE to your community...how many other aw's are doing this for the sport? So I ask you, community of arm wrestlers, if you want to see a match between devon larratt and ANYONE, convince the other person to actually have the balls to step up and pull my husband, and not just the mouth to make up excuses as to why they won't, or to try to make it appear as though devon is bailing out."

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