31 Aug 2013

Jim Dolcini - soon more info about the Champ

I just got information from Eric that last evening he had a phone conversation with Jim Dolcini, a 5-time Petaluma World Champion, early 70'.

Eric Roussin: "I was on the phone with Jim Dolcini. I got lots of info. I told him about some of the articles I've written, and he seemed very interested to read them. Some of the stories and memories he shared were very interesting, and I'll include them in his bio".

This is not the only one good news which I recived from Eric about the WWC in Petaluma... there is something else he works on... soon more info.

For me (person who loves the history of armwrestling) the WWC is the most favorite event of all time and if everything will go well then will be a special section for the event on AO.

info: VISNIA