17 Aug 2013

Jason Vale - The Miracle Man


Jason Vale was born on January 10th 1968. He grew up in Whitestone, Queens in New York. Armwrestling he started train when he was a child and from the beggining his dream was to become a World Champion. " So as I got better in armwrestling I always prayed for direction...to this day we pray to start off our practices and have produced Mike Selearis, Danny Habig and Bobby Buttafuco.I was led to exercise in different ways such as swinging on a swing for back pressure...playing handball for side pressure...and doing strange pull ups for back pressure....

Many times I've come across wrestlers who are just too strong in the hand for me and I find my self pulling my hand with my arm right out of the start...The matches where I think I learned my most important strap techniques were against Allen Fisher and Andreas Lundstrum at the South Street Sea Port Yukon World Tournament., In other words, I learned my best techniques in the middle of the match ( or set up for the match.). The first time I realized that you learn most in the height of the middle of a match was when I was 15 and was put against a 40 year old experienced heavy weight...he said to me " I'm going to beat you an then I'm going 
to teach you the trick.." I said to myself "the trick" I tried to figure out the   trick before he could put me down and wound up winning the match and causing him to tear his button down shirt in the process....He never told me the trick cause I must have figured it out myself during the match... ." - said Vale The best armwrestlers who've influenced him are Dave Patton, Lestlie Whims, Bobby Brown, Cobra Rhodes and Allen Fisher.

Jason Vale won many tournaments and matches in his armwrestling career, but his the biggest win was in 1997 at the World Wristwrestling Championship in Petaluma where he won unlimited class right hand beating  6'5" and 260 lbs Eric Woelfel in the final, that day he weighed only 175 lbs.

"Eric is not one to take lightly but Eric also knew that Jason would not be in this heavyweight class if he did not have the thought he could win.  From the very first "Ready...Go" the spectators were on their feet yelling, screaming and stomping in anticipation of who would finish in the top spot. Both armwrestlers hit the "go" exactly on cue and slipped out of their grip only to be strapped together. On the second "go" the action stopped in the middle of the table and it was apparent to everyone that the winner of this match was not going to be simple to call. Jason had stopped the much bigger man and was holding him in the center of the table. After a long battle Jason decisively won the Heavyweight title at 175 lbs. The only other man in recent history to win this Heavyweight  title at less than 200 pounds has been John Brzenk." - said Denise Wattles.

His the biggest win in armwrstling was in 1997 WWC in Petaluma, but the biggest win in his life was cure cancer 3 times through eating raw apple and apricot seeds that contain a little known vitamin B17.  “At age 15 I felt some type of strong pain in my side and I immediately prayed..."Lord if this is a tumor, please let it not come out for a few years..." I remembered this prayer years after I found out I had cancer, after I went through the first operation, and after I went through the second operation along with Chemotherapy and radiation..... The tumor I had normally comes out in children who are 15 and 16 years old.... The Asking Tumor. We found out I had "terminal cancer at 18" with only a year to live...” - said  Vale. 


Jason Vale: "I was deemed terminal with a rare form of cancer at 18. was operated on and it came back at 19. Was operated on and had chemo and radiation and changed all of my eating habits and it came back when I was 25 and this time I only changed my eating and took an alternative therapy where I was injected with the typhoid vaccine which stimulated my immune system to kill the cancer. Then I found out that apricot seeds cure cancer and I at the seed and the tumor shrunk even more then the typhoid caused.

I started selling the apricot seeds on the internet until I had about 30,000 customer and thousands were writing to me telling me how they also were cured of their cancer. Then the United States Government worked with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and they raided my home and took the seeds and the vitamin B17 which is made from the seed extract and then put me jail for 5 years after I lost a trial. They did not let me argue the truth at the trial. The put a gag order on me and shut me up. Now I am out of prison and my family still sells the seeds, never stopped and I am relaxing about to start training again." 


Dave Patton: “As a person Jason is a great guy.  He has always been one of my favorite guys in Armwrestling.  He is friendly, honest, genuine, and humble.  As an armwrestler, Jason has always been very tough.  He doesn't have huge muscles but he does have huge power.  He has overcome many things in his life including Cancer and come through all of them to become a champion. Armwrestling is definitely better for having Jason involved in it. I wish him all the best..”

Allen Fisher: "Jason Vale has been my good friend and brother in Christ in almost my entire career in the sport of arm wrestling. He has always had a heart for people in and out of the sport. He deeply cares about healing the body through natural sources. He has helped hundreds of people in their quest for healthy life.

As far as a competitor, Jason Vale is one of the strongest, toughest, endurance pullers in my 30 years of arm wrestlings. He also happens to be one competitor that I have never been able to beat, at least as far as I can remember. He has got to be one of the best strap pullers in the middleweight division, but Jason has gone way beyond his own weight division and pulled the world's best in the strap destroying his competition. Jason's love of the sport arm wrestling and those who want to learn from him are always welcome. If you have not had the opportunity to pull against God's champion, then you have missed learning from the best." 

Gene Camp: "Jason Vale has been an inspiration and valuable addition to the New York Arm Wrestling Association. Jason's weekly local arm wrestling practice is internationally known; attracting some of the biggest names in the sport and has been widely covered by many major press. magazine and TV media outlets. Vale himself is a star arm wrestler who won countless events including the prestigious NYC Big Apple Grapple's NYC King of Arms and National Championships. "

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Jason Vale - PHOTOS

Jason Vale
Jason Vale vs Mike Selearis
Jason Vale vs BobbyButtafuco - Practice tabel
Jason Vale, Christopher Myers and Edwin Safarianj
Jason Vale vs Fernando Ferriera - Big Apple Grapple 2002
Jason Vale vs Jerry Cadorette - Big Apple Grapple 2002
Jason Vale - AAA Nationals 2000
Jason Vale vs Eric Woelfel