21 Aug 2013

Devon Larratt:"It looks as though the Vegas event is falling through..."

After the information posted by Allen Fisher that Vegas event may not happen, in internet appeared many comment  by people who waited for event, who booked the fly tickets, hotels etc. One of them who expressed his opinion on facbook is the Icon of supermatch format, Devon Larratt.

"It looks as though the Vegas event is falling through. I wanted to publicly apologize to anyone who considered taking me up on the wager, especially Denis Cyplenkov who i made proposals to directly. Under the current light i would have to believe that this match also would never have happened. It was never my intention to be involved in anything shady, or to hurt Denis or anyone who would have taken the challenge . I was naive to believes the claims that were made to me, when all the warning signs were there. Many reputable people spoke up early, and I continued to promote the validity of the event by publicly issuing the challenges that came my way. For this i am sorry.

I have purchased a non - refundable ticket to Vegas. Sooo I am there anyways. UAL - you guys are awesome. I have seen what you do with 3 days notice before, and if anything is goin down i will be there.. otherwise i will armwrestle for hot dogs and mustard on the strip.."

info: VISNIA