5 Aug 2013

Cleve Dean


Name:  Cleve Dean
D.O.B: 15 December 1953 - died 10 May 2011
Residence:  Pavo, GA
Country:  USA
Fight Style: Top roll
Biceps:  61 cm / 24 in
Forearm:  56 cm / 22 in
Height:  198 cm / 6'6 ft
Weight:  175kg / 385 lbs.
Nickname:  ARM BREAKER
Club: ...

Started armwrestling: December of 1977 at a Georgia state championship.

Toughest opponent:  It could be anyone on any given day for various reasons.

I can give names of people a lot of you have never heard of and that's too bad, for you truly missed out on some of the greats.

Then there was George Hood from California, an awesome opponent. I know some of you remember Virgil Arciero from California, then Dan Mason from Connecticut, Danny Stone from Alabama.

There was a true technician. Some of you ought to have to try armwrestling Michael Shadduck, if he would have stayed sober then there is no telling what he might have done. He was one of the hardest men to grip up with that I have ever seen.

Then David Arnold, not even a super heavy weight but completely awesome and respected by all, just ask Johnny Walker.

Then there was Joe Carabetta and Moe Baker and the man from Tennessee that was a grocery clerk that I am ashamed to say that his name will not come to mind though I can still picture him so well.

Scott Norton that I am sure most of you know from wrestling, and Gary Goodridge who gave me one of the toughest matches that I ever had.

I hate writing something like this because I know there are so many names that I have left out and I sincerely aplogize to all of those. These are just people from the USA and when  you go abroad then the names come to be so many that deserve recognition that I would have to write a book.

Toughest match: Originally Steve Woodall from Atlanta gave me the toughest matches that I ever had. Steve and I armwrestled at one tournament for 30 minutes in one match. At that time if you slipped grips then you just restarted. On that day Steve Woodall defeated me the last time that he would ever do so. There was blood running down both of our arms because both of us had severly calloused hands back then and we were sweating so bad and gripping each other so hard that the sweat started softening the skin and we were literally tearing the skin off of each others's hands.

Best training advice: Not much that I can say today that is not known by many others already.

Goal: ...



(Win - Loss - Draw)
Left Hand ( 0-0-0),  Right Hand (3-1-0)

                                     Result  /  Opponent  /  Hand  /  Score  /  Event  /  Date                                  

   WIN      Scott Norton  / Right / 2:0 / ... / 1985
  LOSS      Virgil Arciero  / Right / 1:2 / Chicago / 1980
   WIN      Dan Mason / Left / 2:0 / DaVinci Eastern States Open A.W. Championships / 02.02.1980
   WIN      Virgil Arciero  / Right / 2:0 / Boxing event - Silver Slipper Cassino / 15.11.1978


AAA Sit-Down National Titles:
1979 – R243+ lbs
1980 – R243+ lbs

AAA Stand-Up National Titles:
1980 – R226+ lbs
1981 – R246+ lbs
1984 – R243+ lbs
1985 – R243+ lbs
1986 – R243+ lbs
1994 – R243+ lbs
2001 – L243+ lbs
2005 – R232+ lbs, R210+ lbs (masters)

AWI World Title:
January 1983 – Pro Heavyweight

IWC International/World Titles
May 1981 – R201+ lbs, L201+ lbs

WAF World Titles:
2005 - R +105kg Master, L +105kg Master, L +95kg GM, R +95kg GM,  World Armsport Federation
2001 - R +100kg Master, L +100kg Master,  World Armsport Federation
1994 - L +110kg Senior,

World Wristwrestling Championship (Petaluma) Titles:
1985 – R Heavyweight Division, L Heavyweight Division,
1984 – R Heavyweight Division, L Heavyweight Division,
1983 – R Heavyweight Division,
1980 – R Heavyweight Division,
1979 – R Heavyweight Division,
1978 – R Heavyweight Division

WPAA World Titles:
1981 - Heavyweight
1982 - Heavyweight
1983 - Heavyweight

Yukon Jack World Title:
1994 – R Heavyweight Division

L - Left Hand
R - Right Hand

Biography: ...



Cleve Dean 2011

 Cleve Dean and Scott Norton - Atlanta 2007

Cleve Dean with USA Team - WAF Worlds in Japan 2005

Cleve Dean and Alan Karaev - WAF Worlds in Italy 2001

Cleve Dean vs Frantisek Zivny - WAF Worlds in Italy 2001

Rick Vardell vs Cleve Dean - Yukon Jack 1994

Zaur Tskhadadze and Cleve Dean - WAF Worlds 1994

Cleve Dean vs John Brzenk - Yukon Jack 1993

Cleve Dean vs Michael D. Shadduck - Over the top Finals in Las Vegas, 1986 

Cleve Dean in one of the elimination matches at the 1st qualifier the Over the Top Final, 1985

Cleve Dean vs Clay Rosencrans - WWC Petaluma

Johnny Walker vs Cleve Dean - 1983 World Pro Super-Heavyweight Championship

John Woolsey vs Cleve Dean - Jeno's Super Heavyweight World Championship 1982

Two World Champions - Johnny Walker, Middleweight and Cleav Dean, 
Heavyweight demonstrate the Art of Wristwrestling 
to the Braves and Dogers in pre-game activities, early 80's

Bert Whitfield, Cleve Dean, Johnny Walker and L B Baker at WWC Petaluma 1978

L B Baker, Steve Woodall, Cleve Dean and Bert Whitfield, Kansas, USA, 1978

Completed by Tomasz Wisniowski and Eric Roussin