4 May 2013

Lori Cole - Photos from Over the Top

John Brzenk "Over the Top" Finals Champion

Lori Cole and Lewco Toy Co Brothers
Lori Cole and Marvin Cohen - Over the Top LC match
Lori Cole and John Brzenk at the Lewco Toy Company..
The Toy Show in New York City "Over the Top"
Sylvester Stallone and Pam Carter "Over The Top" Finals

Lori Cole and Dot Jones - 1986
 Sylvester Stallone and Sue Dean (Cleve Dean's Wife) at Over The Top Finals
Sylvester Stallone -  Over The Top
Lori Cole - England OTT 1986

Lori Cole and John Brzenk - Over The Top

Lori Cole Nashville,TN OTT 1986

Lori Cole - Over The Top

Lori Cole - Over The Top

Lori Cole Tiger Toronto OTT 1986

Sylvester Stallone Publicity Shot

Ed Arnold

Here's something you won't find. A rare picture of Ed Arnold!!! He gave this to me around the time of Over The top. This was his Trophy Room... 

1st qualifier in Beverly Hills - PRINT SCREEN

 Dave Patton in tough match

 Cleve Dean

Cleve Dean - Show of the control over opponent

21 years old John Brzenk

Rick ZumWalt  vs  John Brzenk

John Brzenk  vs  John Woolsey

Bruce Way - Guess, what happen with cigar ?

Johnny Walker