11 May 2013

Kovalchuk vs Terzi FINAL WITH REFEREE

If you are on face book then you can watch the match from EuroARM 2013 which clearly shows how the WAF rules kills the beauty of this sport. 

Below is a link to video from the final in 70kg betwen Alexander Kovalchuk from Russia and a living legend of this sport, the multiple WAF World and European Champion, Engin Terzi from Turkey.

During the preperation you train hard in the gym, you spend 100's hours practice on the table... everything... to be in the best shape at the event you plan to attend and win. You can do everything but this can not be enough, becouse you can not be sure that all at the event is depended from you only... THE RULES, THE WAF SICK RESTRICTIVE RULES, WHICH KILLS THE BEAUTY OF THIS COMBAT SPORT CAN HELP YOUR OPPONENT WIN THE MATCH BEFORE IT EVEN STARTED.

This is one of the reasons why THIS SPORT DID NOT GET MEDIA ATTENTION... offten matches with WAF rules are for public boring and hard to understand which makes armwrestling not very atractive to show it in TV.


info: VISNIA