5 May 2013

Brzenk free T-shirts from past events for free

John Brzenk's comments on Armwrestling John – Engin:

“ OK , so I was doing a little clean up today ! I have a huge box in my basement with t shirts from past events … Got to get rid of them … Was thinking of sending one t shirt a week to anyone that would want one on this board … FREE I’ll even pay for shipping  just need to figure out a fair method  

I’ll let you be in charge of the game … I was thinking of something easier like placing a number on the back of it between one and a hundred each week … The one who is closest gets it ! 

I do have a few Yukon jack

I’ll take a picture of one each Sunday … Starting tomorrow … And I’ll assign a number to it somehow ??? 

I’ll only show the time stamped photo with the number to my wife  until the following week !!! Will this work ? “

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