17 Apr 2013

Who higher than Brzenk? TOP-5 strongest North American armwrestlers

A comment of Vasiliy Kuznetsov:

"Dear friends,

We are happy to introduce you a special issue of our weekly program ‘Iron Rating’ devoted to The Arnold Sports Festival. The main heroes of this program are such legends of arm wresting as Andrew “Cobra” Rhodes, Richard Lupkes, Travis Bagent, the UFC champion and a famous movie star Randy Couture.

The program tells about North American arm wrestling and gives TOP 5 ranking of the strongest American pullers. The athletes in our TOP-5 ranking were arranged in this order:

1. Devon Larratt;
2. Michael Todd;
3. Todd Hutchings;
4. John Brzenk;
5. Travis Bagent. "

info: VISNIA