16 Apr 2013

What prefers Brzenk in his preperation to the event: the table training or weights in gym ?

Engin Terzi's questions to John Brzenk on facebook group discussion:

"Do you believe that you would be more succesful with assistance weight lifting trainings such as majority of today's best athletes do (Rustam, Zoloev, Arsen) ? or is it opposite way that you think they would be more succesful with only table training strategy that you use ? So in short, do you believe that you are an exception of your method or you believe it can apply to everyone who really would put faith in it ? Please answer your thoughts in a detailed way.."

John Brzenk" "I feel many have changed their positions as far as training goes through the years to a more specific way of thinking.

Many of the strength athletes I have come in contact with have improved their ability in armwrestling much more by incorporating more and sometimes all specific table training. ..no I’m not the only one !!!

The days of this being an individual passion that one can achieve by living in the gym in isolation is proven from my experience to fall very short.

So why would I believe it would surpass or become synergetic to table training. 

This combat type sport, like many others, is truly a team effort and without constant experience by surrounding yourself with the very best arms …you can’t be your best. 

The other factor that many armwrestlers have to consider is weight, and although I think being strong and in general shape is important it comes with that penalty.

Muscle does weigh … 
We all know thousands of guys that can out lift us …how is following those gym goals going to make me better ? 

It never made sense to me. 

You mentioned Arsen … you mentioned Zoloev …don’t these guys train with each other…along with many others. 

What about Denis … the Huge weight lifter that does crazy things in the gym …right?

Or has he gotten better by working out with his Team now? 

I have experimented in the gym and I have gotten stronger in many areas … I gained weight because of it … But to be honest with myself I never felt that added gym strength could be applied to matches on the table. 

Looking in the mirror for self confidence …maybe ….but once you can get past the intimidation of size or lack of it … you don’t need it. 

I would love to hear what other people think on this subject …
I have always believed in the path I followed based on my limited experience. 
I wish I could prove my theory by asking Denis to stop lifting weights and strictly only armwrestle … would he continue to improve ? 

Or would he start to get crushed because he lost all his size and lifting strength ☺

Some need that self confidence that weights provide …others don’t ☺
It’s a feel good faith that’s for sure …but a proven science ….not so sure about that."

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