2 Apr 2013

WAF rules ...

President of United States Armwrestling and WAF Head Referee, Leonard Harkless, has posted the comment on Northeast Board about the rules of the elbow under the table level.

"There has been a lot of talk about WAF and rules lately and as the WAF Head Referee, I would direct everyone to the USAA site. On the site is the current rules of WAF. The WAF site has incorrect rules on it that I have been trying to get fixed since last July so if you want the current and complete rules go to usarmwrestling.com

This is the wordage for dropping below the table.

2) Competitors cannot drop the competing shoulder below the level of the elbow pad when in a neutral or losing position. This will be considered a dangerous position.

The neutral position defined as the starting position down to 2/3 of the way to the losing side of the table.

The humorous bone of the competing arm will not be inclined down and therefore elevating the elbow and dropping the shoulder below the elbow pad."

Then Chris Gangi asked him: "So basically you can drop below the pad if your in a winning position?"

Leonard Harkless answer: "Yes, just winning, as in just on your side of the table."

In internet is so many comments about the rules: the competitors can not drop the competing shoulder below the level of the elbow pad.

First: why winning position can do drop the shoulder below the pad level but the loosing position can not ?

The elbow pad level is lower then said pad so competitor if want to win should be able to pin his opponnet with out any extra rule bonuses.

Second: Which part of the shoulder (top, middle or lowest) can not be droped below the elbow pad level ?

And here we have another shortcoming in WAF rules, becouse again the rules will be favor portion of the competitors. Why ? ... simply, a refeere dose not have X-ray eyes... so:

- skinny pullers will be favored if the lowest part of the shoulder can not drop below the table and the top can be droped, becouse physically their bodies can drop lower then bodies of pullers with masive shoulders.

- big masive soulders of competitors will be favored if the top part of the shoulder can not drop below the table and lowest can be droped, becouse physically their bodies can drop lower then bodies of pullers  with skinny shoulders.

What about the middle part of the shoulder then (where aprox should be humerus bone)? This is very difficult for refeere to interpretate the middle part of it during the match when also has to control the elbows and deciding where is the middle of the shoulder. The top or lowest can physically see for the middle has to have X-ray eyes.

This is only a small portion of WAF rules which need to be clearly explained... but how to do it if the website of World Federation is no longer under activists control and the new one still not exist in internet.

...but this what we can do now is a singing, singing like in circus:


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