16 Apr 2013

USAA has resigned from the USAF

Leonard Harkless has posted this information on Northeast Board informing about USAA resigning from USAF.

"USAA and its' delegates have resigned from the USAF Executive Board due to irreconcilable differences effective April 15, 2013.

Chritian Binnie respond for it: "Leonard: I hope you stay HEAD REF of WAF"

Leonard Harkless:  "Thanks, I appreciate that.
No the two things are not related, I have been elected for 4 more years, the next election is 2016."

The Announcements From the USAF posted by Simon Berriochoa:

Topic 1 - The USAA Resignation

The United States Armwrestling Association has in fact formally resigned from the United States Armwrestling Federation Executive Board. 

To clarify for those who may not know... the USAF is an umbrella organization within the United States responsible for holding the USAF National Championship event and developing the USA World Team to attend the annual WAF world armwrestling championship event. 

The USAF Board is currently made up of 6 individuals with many years of experience in the sport, we strive to develop the USAF National Championship event and progress the USA athletes in the global sport of armwrestling. 

The USAF would like to wholeheartedly thank the USAA for the many years of service and commitment to the sport of armwrestling. We would also like to wish the utmost success to the USAA in all their future endeavors. 

Topic 2 - The 9th Board Member on the USAF Executive Board

The USAF had previously ratified adding a 9th member to the USAF Board from the open armwrestling community, based upon a popular vote of the athletes. This motion was passed 8-0 by the USAF Executive Board.

Recently the USAF has overturned this previous ruling by a vote of 2 against overturning, 1 abstaining from vote, and 5 confirming votes to overturn the 9th member being added to the board. As such this position will not be made available in that form at this years National Championship event. 

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