17 Apr 2013

Todd vs Cyplenkov - supermatch in August ?

Message posted on facebook by Allen Fisher: "Attention anyone knowing how to contact Denis or his Sponsors, please get this message to one or both of them. Thank you.

On behalf of Michael Todd and Adronicus LLC is issuing a challenge to be met on August 17th 2013 in Las Vega wagering $ 25,000 dollars to be escrowed in a Nevada Bank and we expect Denis Cyplenkov's his Sponsors or Government to put up the same amount of money if he is up for it to compete with Michael, one on one, mano y mano in a best of 5 Super Match.

Dennis has 5 days to respond or the match will be cancelled.

We are asking for a response from Denis and or his Sponsor positive or negative within the next 5 days or the match will be cancelled. More detail to follow."

Michael Todd's comment: "I personally did not make the challenge so, there's no disrespect intended! I was ask if I would be willing to participate in a high stakes match with Denis & I accepted !! This is absolutely a serious match that is trying to be set up! I look forward to meeting Denis on the table!! "

The message was posted about 3AM of Moscow time, April 17th 2013, so in few days we will find out if the $50,000 SUPERMATCH will happend. Also which hand ?... this is important... I presume it's the right hand.

info: VISNIA