9 Apr 2013

Steroids in armwrestling...

Engin Terzi has asked this question on facebook PAL DISCUSSION GROUP WITH JOHN & ENGIN:

"Ok guys, lets make it clear please.. I asked John to start and armwrestling page on FB, and he accepted by believing that it would promote our sport..lately I see some personal attacks on our page..just deleted a post that called an armwrestler "a shitty person" ..also lately I see some accusations about the pullers using stuff by giving their names.. should we allowed roid accusation and personal insulting on our page or not ?"

After many comments the nr.1 armwrestler in the world ranking, Devon Larratt has post his opinion.

Devon Larratt: "There are many many top pros who openly admit to who is on. I think its for the most part pretty openly talked about at the pro level. I think there are advatages and disadvatages to "external" alchemy. I would love it if there was a good testing system that worked and was effective that could promote health and longevity for all the armwrestlers along with not killing the league that was providing it. Users get fked cause of the health issues, non users get fuked cause they are pulling guys way stronger than them. So erither way there is an issue. I am a natural guy, god knows lol, i would love to test any time. I believe that many other elite pullers are natural aswell, but i have had many discussions with the best guys out there who are very open about what they take. It is a big issue in sport."

One of Engin's comments in the thread:

Engin Terzi: "ok let me change my question, do you believe that in western armwrestling world there is no roid involvement ? if i would openly point my finger then i could count minimum 15-20 guys but i think its not right thing to do."

Engin I'm glad that you have started this topic. Steroids in armwrestling is a big problem and some pullers are like holy cows. 

There is no point saying: he is bad or the other one, going this way we will eliminate one puller then other will replace him. 

Pullers who do take the steroids mostly do this becouse the problem in this sport is so big that for them who see all of this and have ambition to win, not only compete... have to choose: take how others do and have chance to win or be clean but then he can forget about the victory.

The presure of armwrestling enviroment should not goes on pullers only, it should goes on activists, they should be forced to change the thing, which will reduce the problem. I would like to know f.e. who do the test, who decides or how the names are choosen for the test.

Someone has mentioned Denis Cyplenkov's name... If you ask me: Does Denis take steroids, I will say Yes. I have never seen him with their own eyes how he does it but I do not belief he is clean... BUT I respect this guy 1000 times more then all these multiple World Champions with the swollen faces. He only takes part in the PRO events, he not goes compete at WAF Worlds.. playing he is clean or pretend that it does not concern him.

Engin, your and John's discussion group grows every day... you know this sport very well and I can bet  during your carrer you heard many times about things related to this topic. If you love this sport... I belief you do, then this group discussion should put more presure on activists to make sport more clean.

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/ Tomasz Wisniowski