11 Apr 2013

Sarah not allowed compete at EURO ARM & WAF WORLDS - consequence of restrictive rules or shot in the foot ?

photo: Robert Bjork

Sarah's comment on facebook"

"Good morning! 
I'll share some news, thoughts and opinions from myself right now. 

I'm sad and hating the Swedish system and federation… Turned out I'm gonna miss the most important championships of the year this year, 2013. European- and World Armwrestling Championships. I missed the Swedish Nationals, where you have to win or place 2nd to qualify for the team to represent the country. The reason I missed it was because I did an ARMWRESTLING-TV-job in Japan. With other words, making the sport GROW worldwide. 

That I won double golds at European- and World Championships 2012, only 5 months ago, undefeated - which no swede never has done before - doesn't count. No one cares. At least not my own country. I knew the swedish system but that doesn't make me think different. Swedish system and armwrestling federation SUCKS. 

I think my double-world-golds 5 months (2012) ago should make me qualified for this year's championships (2013). As I know, ANY OTHER sport has this system and as well countries. 

This should not only be for ME, but for everyone that is winning a world title the year before in ANY SPORT!

This just shows Sweden don't care about results in an international level of sports in armwrestling. And why would they, no one is getting paid anyway. But still… it makes me sick to my stomach and will for sure affect my motivation to continue doing this.

I believe EVERYTHING is happening for a reason and maybe this is what is suppose to happen for me this year. Something else will show up. Maybe I should start doing something else. Or it's just God's will to tell me to take a break… or something. I don't know. 

I'm still having super matches and professional armwrestling tournaments to show up to if my motivation will be what it has to be - to do ANYTHING you have to do to your fullest and more than that, with all your heart & soul twenty-four hours a day for a very long time. That's what you need to offer from yourself to achieve big things. Just saying..

Never stop to do what you're loving to do. Make yourself happy. Dream big.
Let's go to gym.. Have a great day everyone.

God Bless & thanks for support!"

When I spoke with Sarah at last ARM WARS event in Madrid I said her that SHE IS THE BEST MARKETING PRODUCT EVER FEMALE ARMWRESTLING HAD, she is often in TV, news papers, she is one of the advert face of suplement company. And EVERYWHERE when her name is mentioned also is info: MULTIPLE ARMWRESTLING WORLD CHAMPION from SWEDEN !

I think if she had to be in Japan to record another portion of matirial for Japanese TV (contract and ALSO PROMOTION OF ARMWRESTLING AND HER COUNTRY) and if the date was not dependent upon her, then federation should take this into account and should allow her compete at EURO ARM and WAF Worlds. Other federations often do allow top pullers compete even if they do not give a reason of absence...

IMO... the Swedish Armwrestling MORE shoot himself in the foot THEN punished her. 

info: VISNIA