23 Apr 2013

PULLDOZERS Challenge 2 confirmed matches

Supermatches in Tampere, Finland 25th of May

PULLDOZERS Challenge 2 fightcard

Middleweight: Marko Luoto vs Arto Tirronen, R
Middleweight: Esa Huikkola vs Tero Saarinen, L
Middleweight: Kai Paakkanen vs Juha Kaarnais, R
Lightweight: Dmitrij Jakovlev vs Mikko Kaunisto, L
Light-Heavyweight: Anssi Ainali vs Matti Marjomaa, L
Heavyweight: Jarno Lehtonen vs Topi Juvonen, R
Light-Heavyweight: Juha Salminen vs Lasse Luukinen, R
Middleweight: Ville Heinonen vs Kimmo Ojala, R
Middleweight: J-P Mäntymaa vs Jussi Koskinen, R
Lightweight: Veli-Matti Mutikainen vs Dmitrij Jakovlev, R
Middleweight: Ville Mutikainen vs Lasse Luukinen, L

A comment from PULLDOZERS Challenge League co-founder, Anssi Ainali:

"Without few exceptions all have medals from this year Finnish national Championships and many winners are in also. In some matches the lightweight winner has given a challenge to Middleweight medalist from Finnish Championships, those are really good ones. Example J-P Mäntymaa -70kg winner challenged Jussi Koskinen, 2nd from 85kg class.

Also Lasse Luukinen, -85kg winner with both hands has challenged Juha Salminen, 90kg winner with both hands, my opinion is that it is really tough match and real good fight and would be it in any supermatch event in world.

Luukinen is former European championships 3rd place winner and Juha Salminen winner in many international events and Arm Wars fighter.

Significant is also Ville Mutikainen vs. Lasse Luukinen, Mutikainen is a winner in many international events and Arm Wars fighter."

info: VISNIA