2 Apr 2013

Larratt about MIKE GOULD CLASSIC 2013

(photo: Marcelo Palacios) The number 1 in the world ranking, Devon Larratt who has competed at this year's MIKE GOULD CLASSIC in PRO class 221+ lbs / +100kg has posted a comment on facebook about the event:

"So MGC 2013 is done..
will say my few words about it.. to me this is the spiritual event for armwrestlers here in Canada.. has been for many many years, Mikel Gould is the man for making all this happen. this event is awesome not just cause the cash, and the consistency, but because everyone loves and respects Mike, so people always make this event a priority. I watched the live stream on Saturday, great job Jerry Milne for rockin the live feed. Got to go down on the Sunday. Lots of talent, across Canada, US and some Europeans. I would say supers was by far the easiest class of the day, with the 198 lb class being the hardest and deepest class i have witnessed to date. I will say that there were more great wars and great armwrestling than i think i have ever watched in a day.. i love to bet, and i think i lost money.. booooo. I was extremely pleased at how the high hookers pulled.. I really believe we are doing things right, and the future looks brighter and brighter we even have a guy who can talk on the Mic pretty good now lol! It was great to hang out with everyone except the guys who profited by my gambling addiction..

The one name I will mention is George Izakouits... this guy is the fkn King. He is in my mind the guy. He is armwrestling. He is legend. The guy just blows my fkn mind.. I am making a t shirt.

Thanks so much Mike for making this event happen year after year, you have done so much for canadian armwrestling."

info: VISNIA