11 Apr 2013

Kvikvinia vs Larratt supermatch in VEGAS this year ?

George Chochia posted a question to Neil Pickup on John & Engin facebook group asking about the possibility of supermatch between Genadi Kvikvinia and Devon Larratt.

George Chochia: "Hi Mr Neil Pickup and Emir Terzi. On 04/10/2013 was held Georgian National Championship in AW, where i asked Genadi Kvikvinia about his readiness for Match Between him and Devon Larrat. I'm his student and take full responsibility for this post. For further clarifications as time,date and trip plz contact Erekle Gurchiani the president of Georgian arm wrestling Federation. Everybody plz like the post to keep it on top of forum thx"

As a first for the question replied Engin Terzi: "Devon is not ready to pull i believe.. he usually pulls for Armwars though."

"I meant Left arm on Armwars which Mr Neil Pickup suggested. I read Mr. Devon Larratt's post that he would be glad to pull Genadi Kvikvinia" - answered "George Chochia 

Comments of Neil Pickup: Devon IS READY to face Gennady Left Handed in Vegas 26th - 29th Sept. we specifically spoke about it on Sunday.

I would have a very suitable opponent for Gennady Right Handed too at the same event. If Gennady wants in then he would be very welcome to compete in Vegas in ARM WARS "VENGEANCE" ".

if it comes to fruition, then in Vegas will be great match.

info: VISNIA