29 Apr 2013

David Horne about Grip and Go! Supermatches 2013

Grip and Go! Supermatches 2013 organizer, David Horne about upcoming event.

"We've wanted to merge some armwrestling with a grip contest for a while now. So these 8 matches will take place at this year's 21st British Grip Championships, here at the Grip Factory in Stafford, England.

There are 7 events in the grip contest, and so after each grip event, an armwrestling supermatch will take centre stage.

The grip guys are going to love watching these, and I already have quite a few armwrestlers who are throwing their cap in to have a go at the grip contest. It will be very interesting to see how well they do, and I believe there will be some very good performances on some of the events. World and British records at various bodyweights are there to be taken, and who knows maybe some will get taken on the 11th!"

Grip and Go! Supermatches 2013 - confirmed matches

Tom Holland / GBR vs Barry Knowles / GBR R
Paul Maiden / GBR vs Dan Thomas / GBR R
Garry Rickett / GBR vs David Horne / GBR L
Jason Kelham / GBR vs Donald Fraser / GBR R
Bradley Martinez / GBR vs Anil Najran / GBR L
Anthony Biggs / GBR vs Michael Hughes / GBR R
Rob Bond / GBR vs Nick Smalley / GBR L
Matt Preston / GBR vs Paul Mitchell / GBR R

Grip and Go! Supermatches 2013 will take place in "Grip Factory", 71 Common Road, Stafford, UK on Saturday, May 11th, 2013. All matches best 3 of 5.

Start: 11 am
Entrance fees: £15 paid in advance prior to 11 April. £20 after this date.
Trophies: There will be medals for the winners
post code:  ST16 3EQ

info: VISNIA