4 Apr 2013

Belluz vs Gazzetto confirmed at Arm Melter 17

(photo: Paul Belluz) Paul Belluz vs Nicola Gazzetto, match has been confirmed for Arm Melter 17, which will took place at Toronto Pro Show June 1st 2013.

This supermatch in milddleweight division (187lbs) is left hand, best 3 out of 5 for the Arm Melter Canadian Professional Championship Belt. Belluz vs Gazzetto is third confirmed match of hirteen planned at  Arm Melter 17. Information recieved from the event organizer, Joe Gould.

Arm Melter 17 Supermatch fight card (confirmed matches)

Mikel Gould / CAN vs Sylvain Perron / CAN (no weight restriction) R

Joe Gould / CAN vs John Milne / CAN (SHW / 221+ lbs) R
Paul Belluz / CAN vs Nicola Gazzetto / CAN (MW / 187lbs) L

info: VISNIA