8 Mar 2013

Voevoda on the edge

photo: Alexander Hassenstein & Armpower.net

Alexey Voevoda, this name everyone knows in armwrestling world. At present he trains and represents his country in bobsleigh but after Olimpics in Sochi (his hometown) in 2014 he plans to leave bobsleigh and come back to armwrestling. 

Voevoda who during his few years career in bobsleys won for Russia: Sivler and Bronze medal at Olimpics and Gold and Bronze medal at Worlds at present is not consider by the coach as a first brakeman in Russian team and he is not happy with that.

During the telephone conversation with Igor Mazurenko, he said that he is not sure if he will stay in bobsleigh till Olimpics, event till end of this season. He told Igor about the situation in the team how the team management argue all the time, he says that experts consider him as the best brakeman and at present he is in the 3th team, he said that he is loosing motivation to train and he is on the edge (stay or leave bobsleigh).

Igor asked him about his present armwrestling shape and Alexey said that he needs two months to come back to the shape he used to be and in four months he would be stronger then ever he was. For more informations visit armpower.net


info: VISNIA