11 Mar 2013

Two more matches comfirmed at PULLDOZERS Challenge 2

The co-founder of PULDOZERS Challenge, Anssi Ainali informed AO that two more matches has been confirmed at the second event  of Finnish Supermatch League which will take place on May 25th, 2013 in Tampere, Finland. 

In the Middleweight Division, right hand, Kimmo Ojala will face Ville Heinonen and in Light-Heavyweight, left hand Matti Marjomaa will be fight with Anssi Ainali.

PULLDOZERS Challenge 2 fight card

Main event 
Veli-Matti Mutikainen / FIN  vs  Dmitri Jakolev / RUS  (LW / 70kg) R
Ville Mutikainen / FIN  vs  Lasse Luukinen / FIN  (MW / 85kg) L

Kimmo Ojala / FIN  vs  Ville Heinonen / FIN (MW / 85kg) R
Matti Marjomaa / FIN  vs  Anssi Ainali / FIN  (LHW / 100kg) L
Marko Luoto / FIN  vs  Arto Tirronen / FIN  (MW / 85kg) R
J-P Mäntymaa / FIN  vs  Jussi Koskinen / FIN (MW / 85kg)  (MW / 85kg) R
Esa Huikkola / FIN  vs  Tero Saarinen / FIN  (MW / 85kg) L
Juha Salminen / FIN  vs  Lasse Luukinen / FIN  (LHW / 100kg) R

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