15 Mar 2013

Todd vs Opperman in May in South Africa

In The Ridge Casio in Witbank Maphumalaga, 100 km from Pretoria and 110 km from Johannesburg in South Africa on May 11th, 2013 will be held a tournament event with two weight classes (90kg &  90kg) left and right hand. Also during the tournament in the main fight of the event the best armwrestler in South Africa, Terence Opperman will face one of the incons of supermatch format's, the ARM WARS Heavyweight Champion Michael Todd, in 6 rounds supermatch left and right hand. The event is organized by the President of South African Armwrestling Federation, Boeta Opperman and SAAWF's secretary Nanette Opperman.

The event will be broadcasted on supersport, which is almost the same as Eurosport but just a SA based sport channel who has 6 dedicated channels on DSTV.

The motto of competition is Best in the World vs Best in South Africa.

Terence Opperman:"Even though I don't fall in the same class as him - power, technique, experience and stamina wise as this legend (THE MONSTER) I will still learn a lot from him and give it my all...My fellow south african armwrestling friends will also learn a lot on technique and ways to train after the competition......

There will also be a open competition for anyone to enter with great prize money.

If the international guys want to travel to SA to come and compete against the South Africans, they can contact nanette@armwrestling.co.za for details on this event, accommodation, visa's ect...."

Big thanks to Terence and Reinhardt Swanepoel for help with this information.

info: VISNIA