4 Mar 2013

Todd Hutchings - How is he doing now ?

photo: armpower.net

On Travis Bagent's North American Arm Wrestling Qualifier on December 8th, last year, Todd Hutchings got injured in the final match against Dave Chaffee. He detached a bicep tendon in his right arm. So since December 2013, one of the strongest in the world in Light-Heavyweight Division is out from the game he loves the most. AO asked his wife Allison: how is he doing now, and how is his recovery ?

"Todd is doing fine. He says, "I'm as weak as a little girl but it hasn't interfered with my drinking!" haha! Also, "Thanks for asking about me." He is not to use the bicep at all for another week and then he can begin using it again, building it up. He has been very good about not using it and giving it all this time to heal. In the meantime he has been trying to keep busy with other things such as gold panning, hunting and camping." said Allison Renoos Hutchings.

Quick recovery CHAMP !!!

info: VISNIA