5 Mar 2013

Taras Ivakin coming back to the PRO fights in armwrestling.

photo: armpower.net

According to the information posted today on Armpower.net, One of The 50 Greatest in History of this sport, Taras Ivakin from Ukraine has decided to come back to armwrestling. He chosen the PRO events like PAL or Nemiroff World Cup only, so the top amateur events like EURO ARM or WAF Worlds are not on his list. "I won't be able to start at the European or World Championships. Something you need to choose." said Ivakin.

Thanks PeSzy for this information, that is great news for armwrestling and fans... ONE OF THE MOST EXPLOSIVE & POWERFUL TOP ROLL in this sport is back in the game. For more informations visit Armpower.net.

info: VISNIA