21 Mar 2013

Roger Nowatzke vs Maxim Kodau & Niklas Nannestad vs Brent Rakers on Eurosport 2 this Thursday

Message from Neil Pickup on facebook: "Tonight's Show on Eurosport 2 is from the ARM WARS "HIGH STAKES" event in Las Vegas & IT IS QUITE SIMPLY "THE BALLS" !!! in the opener Super Series debutants Roger "HIGH NOON" Nowatzke of USA & Maxim Kodau of CAN go head to head Right Handed whilst in the Main Event Sweden's Steel Giraffe "AMBUSH" Niklas Nannestad goes to WAR with "THE OUTLANDER" Brent Rakers on the Left. DO NOT MISS THIS HEAT FILMED AT THE MR. OLYMPIA EXPO IN "SIN CITY" !!! "

info: VISNIA