31 Mar 2013

Milne wins with Eakman at MGC

Five rounds were needed to emerge a winner in the supermatch, right hand between Canadian John Milne and Michael Eakman from USA held at the first day of this year's MIKE GOULD CLASSIC on April 30th. Match planned best 2 of 3 but it was changed to best 3 of 5.

3:2 for Milne was a final score and as a winner John cashed $250.

"Mr. Eakman was a bit tougher and stronger than I expected. He fought hard until the end. The fight went to all 5 rounds (instead of best of 3 we changed it).

I got the win with all outside tactics. He did manage to turn me in twice and beat me (once in strap which surprised me).
He was a very good sportsman and I'll be buying him a steak tomorrow for dinner.

Thank you Mr. Eakman and Mike Gould for making this possible. I had a very fun time." - said John Milne

info: VISNIA