30 Mar 2013

Milne about his MGC match and opponent

This weekend, 30/31st March in Toronto, ON in Canada will be held on of the biggest tournament event in this year's armwrestling calendar, the MIKE GOULD CLASSIC. During the first day of the event will also be held a supermatch between local puller John Milne and American Michael Eakman, best 2 of 3, right hand.

John Milne's comment about the match and opponent.

"Mike is about 255 with a very lean 10% bf. he's very fit, big and strong. I am more versatile and I think have more ways to win. 

I'm very healthy now with no injuries, I'm just coming off a relaxing vacation so I'm ready for action. It is only a best of 3 so I'll have to get right work. I'm usually a slow starter but I won't be able to just coast into this one, I'll be firing both barrels from the start. I'll try to win using both inside and outside tactics. I want to keep the big guy guessing." - said John Milne

info: VISNIA